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How E-ZPass Works

Electronic tolling allows traffic to continue flowing freely, reducing vehicle idle times and carbon emissions. Instead of inefficient and costly tollbooths, overhead electronic gantries scan your E-ZPass or license plate, so you don’t have to slow down or fumble for correct change.

E-ZPass is the easiest, most economical way to travel through tolls in the region—just obtain a transponder, set up an E-ZPass account, and mount the transponder on your window. As you drive beneath the toll readers, the system automatically scans your E-ZPass and deducts the correct amount from your prepaid account. The E-ZPass itself doesn’t cost anything—all the money you add to your account goes toward the tolls you travel through.

E-ZPass Quick Tips

  • There is no deposit required for the E-ZPass, and no monthly maintenance fees.
  • Once you receive your transponder, you must register it online.
  • Set up auto-replenishment on your online account to make sure your account never runs out of funds. Learn more about the E-ZPass Reload Card here. Watch the video here.
  • E-ZPasses purchased or received in On-the-Go Kits include $15 available to use immediately, with the remaining $20 available after you register the transponder. Learn more about registering E-ZPass On-the-Go.
  • Rental car users: you may temporarily add the car to your account or ask the rental agency for other options.

Where to Get E-ZPass

Get E-ZPass online at www.ezpassva.com, call toll-free at 877-762-7824, or just stop by the ERC Customer Care Center at 309 County St in Portsmouth. You can also get an E-ZPass Reload Card at the Customer Care Center if you prefer to manage your account with cash.

Customer Service and Account Management

Virginia residents can create an E-ZPass account at VDOT’s website or call the customer service center toll-free at 877-762-7824.

Account Notifications

Virginia E-ZPass now has opt-in options to help manage your E-ZPass account online. Log in to your account to subscribe to email or text message alerts for account balance messages, insufficient funds, and payment confirmation notifications.

How Much are the Tolls with E-ZPass?

  • View the current toll rates.
  • Note: Motorists will only pay a toll to use the Midtown and Downtown Tunnels. There is no toll to use the MLK Expressway Extension.

How do I update information associated with my E-ZPass, like my car, address or credit card?

It is important to keep your E-ZPass account information current. Simply login to your account at www.ezpassva.com to make any changes to your address, vehicle information or to update your credit card. If you get a new car or drive more than one car, you can add it to your existing E-ZPass account without having to get a new transponder—just be sure to place the transponder in the car you use to drive through tolls.

For more information about E-ZPass, please visit www.ezpassva.com .