Elizabeth River Trail Detour Map

Safely building the Elizabeth River Tunnels Project requires rerouting a portion of the Elizabeth River Trail. The trail will be closed from just southwest of Olney Road and stretches .04 miles to south Plum Point Park.

The detour route is comprised of Redgate Avenue, Stockley Gardens, Olney Road and Botetourt Street, which received approximately $100,000 worth of permanent improvements. Additional improvements to the existing trail will include:

  • ADA ramps
  • Asphalt path
  • Trail and trestle widening
  • Crosswalks
  • Signage
  • Future loop to the existing trail

Additionally, once the trail reopens, a portion will be permanently widened from 11 to 14 feet, and the pedestrian crossing will be replaced with a 14-foot trestle bridge.



Questions or comments?

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