ERC and VDOT are open for business and have established an outreach plan to ensure equal contracting opportunities for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) and Small, Women- and Minority-owned (SWaM) businesses.

The DT/MT/MLK Extension project will create hundreds of jobs, plus promote regional economic development. Quite simply: the involvement of local, disadvantaged, minority and women-owned businesses is essential to the project’s success.

SKW Constructors has bidding opportunities for Site Work, Bridge Work, Marine/Tunnel Work and Services. Please review this flyer to learn about opportunities and how companies are encouraged to get involved.

In the meantime, if you are interested in being part of our database of subcontractors for the Project, please submit the following information to

  1. Contact information for your company (individual name, company name, address, phone, fax and email)
  2. DBE/SWaM Virginia certification number (and upload a copy of your certificate, if available)
  3. Virginia DOT pre-qualification number
  4. List of work scopes and their relevant NAICS codes

For information about DBE/SWaM Subcontractor/Subconsultant Registration

All potential DBE/SWaM subcontractors and subconsultants are required to register via the Business Opportunity and Workforce Development (BOWD) Center.

Registering your firm’s Online Business Profile with assist in determining your firm’s capability relative to specific project requirements, as well as includes your company in the automatic notification regarding Scope of Work (SOW) Opportunities based on your specific NAICS codes.

In order to be informed about possible contract opportunities, it is imperative you provide your firm’s information regarding bonding capacity, average annual income, DBE/SWaM certifications, areas of expertise, work experience and other pertinent data.

Consultants/Contractors – click below to complete the online business profile:

Civil Rights Program

The DBE and SWaM program fulfillment is managed by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Civil Rights staff. The staff is committed to fully support the DT/MT/MLK Extension Project’s prime companies in their construction, consultant and supportive service contracts.

The Civil Rights office is supported by a Community Resource Board, which is comprised of individuals representing organizations and associations in the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth.

The primary objectives are to provide support and assistance in the recruitment of businesses and employees to perform work and provide services on the DT/MT/MLK Extension Project, disseminate information regarding contract opportunities to DBE and SWaM firms and identify and coordinate available resources for training, counseling and supportive services.

A Civil Rights Council, consisting of representatives from VDOT and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is established to ensure the administration of the project’s DBE programs.

VDOT hosted Teaming Workshop for DBE and SWaM businesses

In collaboration with ERC, VDOT hosted a Teaming Workshop for DBE and SWaM businesses in Portsmouth in January 2012.

DBESWaM Outreach Program

Procedures have been developed to maximize construction and consultant contracting and supplier opportunities for the many businesses throughout our region. The DBE program is administered pursuant to U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, 49 CFR Part 26.

The SWaM certification program is administered by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE) in accordance with Executive Order No. 33.

Firms interested in participating in the DBE/SWaM program should become certified as a DBE and/or SWaM vendor in its respective areas of work.

To maximize DBE opportunity/involvement on the DT/MT/MLK Extension Project, reciprocity has been established for DBEs certified in their home state.

For information and assistance in completing reciprocity documentation, call DMBE at 804-786-6585.

For additional information about subcontracting opportunities, email:


VDOT‘s Contractor Pre-qualification Program ensures that all contracts for the construction, improvement and maintenance of Virginia’s transportation system are performed by contractors that have an established safety record, work history, access to the equipment to perform the work and the ability to undertake a project involving the type(s) of work for which the pre-qualification is requested.

Suppliers, haulers and consultants are not required to be pre-qualified. More information on pre-qualification.


ERC and VDOT are committed to significant participation for the utilization of DBE and SWaM firms. The two recognized authorities for DBE certification for Virginia are the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) and the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE). DMBE is also responsible for SWaM certification.

If your firm is already Virginia DBE certified by DMBE, SWaM certification is automatic, with the exception of businesses that are not incorporated or based in Virginia whose home state denies certification to Virginia-based SWaM businesses or provide preferences for small, women- or minority-owned businesses based in that state that is not available to Virginia-based businesses.

While ERC seeks to maximize the use of competition for procurement and subcontract opportunities, DBE or SWaM certification does not guarantee participation in any solicitation for the DT/MT/MLK Extension Project.

For information about becoming a DBE or SWaM vendor, visit

Training and Networking Events

Conferences, seminars and workshops are held quarterly and cover a variety of business and transportation related topics.

DBE certified firms can also apply for reimbursement for training and development opportunities that are not offered by the BOWD Center.

On-the-Job (OJT) Training Program

The purpose of the On-the-Job Training Program is to establish apprenticeship and training programs targeted to move women, minorities, and disadvantaged individuals into journey-level positions to ensure that a competent workforce is available to meet highway construction hiring needs, and to address the historical under-representation of these groups in highway construction skilled crafts.

The primary objectives of OJT/Supportive Services (SS) are to increase the overall effectiveness of VDOT’s approved OJT program in connection with federal-aid highway construction projects and to seek other ways to increase the training opportunities for women, minorities, and other disadvantaged individuals.

In turn, OJT/SS is used to increase the participation of women, minorities, and other disadvantaged individuals in skilled and semi-skilled crafts.

Contact the BOWD Center for additional information about financial assistance reimbursement at or call 804-662-9555.

Contact Us

For additional information related to business opportunities with the DT/MT/MLK Extension Project, contact:

Business Opportunity and Workforce Development (BOWD) Center
DT/MT/MLK Extension Project
Virginia Department of Transportation
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Phone: 804-662-9555
Fax: 804-662-9570

Hampton Roads Civil Rights Division
DT/MT/MLK Extension Project
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